The focus of my sculpting, is centred on stylised forms of animals and humans.

Although paint is often used to give character to a piece, I also seek to define the natural qualities of the timber used.


Wattle Craft I practice the ancient craft of 'Coppicing' (harvesting), Island grown Hazel -growth in a traditionally sustainable, and seasonal manner.

The next stage is to weave the fresh, winter-cut 'rods' to the desired specifications, such as to make either of my types of 'wattle fence', the 'hurdle' fence, or the 'long-weave' fence.

Very often, the material must first be split, or 'cleaved' down the middle. The hazel then gives a paler colour of weave when used in whichever chosen application.

Bespoke, Gated Wattle Fence.

Here are some previous projects undertaken.

This example features recycled (halved) railway sleeper Gate-posts, upon which I have carved a pair of cheeky squirrels.

Here displayed, is a complex mixture of varying sizes, shapes and forms that can be acheived using woven hazel,(Wattling)